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A defined path on a land aerodrome established for the taxiing of aircraft and intended to provide a link between one part of the aerodrome and another. It includes:-  Aircraft Stand (A portion of an apron designated as a taxi route intended to provide access to aircraft stands only)

 Apron Taxiway (A portion of a taxiway system located on an apron and intended to provide a through taxi route across the apron

 Rapid Exit Taxiway (A taxiway connected to a runway at an acute angle and designed to allow landing aeroplanes to turn off at higher speeds than are achieved on other exit taxiways thereby minimising runway occupancy times.

Taxiway strip

An area of specified dimensions enclosing a taxiway intended to protect aircraft operating on the taxiway and to reduce the risk of damage to an aircraft running off the taxiway. The strip area should be clear of objects which may endanger aircraft.

Holding Bays and Holding Positions

A taxiway holding bay or holding position is not to be located closer to the runway centreline than the edge of the relative graded area of the runway. On precision approach runways, this distance may be increased to avoid interference with radio aids.