Pushback and Start Up Process

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Pushback should only be approved when the area around the aircraft is clear of any obstructions (vehicles,other aircraft etc.).

When giving pushback instructions, a direction to face after the pushback may be specified although its notrequired e.g. "Pushback approved facing south".

Power back

Some aircraft do not require a tug to push them back and can pushback under their own power. This is known as a "Power back". This method is only certified at certain aerodromes and from certain stands. Details can be found in the aerodromes textual AIP data.

Conditional Clearances

During busy periods, it is beneficial to use conditional clearances. A conditional clearance is a clearance to do something after a certain condition(s) has been met.

When issuing a conditional clearance, ensure that the pilot knows exactly what is expected of him and that he fully understands the conditions you have specified. If under any doubt, confirm it with him or withold his clearance.