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If you want to connect to the IVAO Network only to watch other people control or fly then you need to connect as an observer. This page will explain how to connect as an observer correctly and the conduct to follow whilst connected.

Observer Callsign

When connecting as an observer we ask that you connect using your initials followed by "_OBS". For example, if your name is Graeme Lewington then you would connect as "GL_OBS". In the unlikely event that someone else has the same initials as you and is already connected then you would connect as "GL_1_OBS".

Staff Members

Staff Members connecting as observers should use the staff callsign applicable to the task they are undertaking. If the staff member is connecting merely to observe the network then they should use the highest level staff callsign held.

TS2 Connection

To listen in to the audible part of a frequency you need to join the TS2 channel applicable to the controller you want to hear. You do this by launching the TS2 application.

You will then need to press connect and enter the server address of the controller you want to listen to. You can obtain this via IvAc, Webeye or by simply asking the controller. You should set your callsign to your observer callsign and select Registered User. Your username and password is your VID followed by your IVAN Password. Once you are connected you simply need to join the channel of the controller you want to listen to. For example, if you want to listen in to Stansted Tower then you would join EGSS_TWR.