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This page contains information circulars, published by the ATC Operations Department, regarding certain procedures, changes and other pertinent information related to controlling within the division.

The below lists are published in chronological order and are categorised into five categories, which detail what the information in that section is about. This list in in addition to the AICs published on the NATS AIS Website.

Yellow (Operations)

  • UNICOM Handoffs - Published 20210202.
  • SAFETYCOM - Published 20210205.
  • Coordination - Published 20210205.
  • ATC Releases - Published 20210106.

    White (Administrative)

  • Hoppies Codes - Published 20210203.

    Pink (Safety)

  • Nil Pink Information Circulars.

    Mauve (Temporary Restrictions)

  • Nil Mauve Information Circulars.

    Green (Maps & Charts)

  • iniBuilds Hawarden Apron - Published 20210306.