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Temporary Procedures for DCT ENDEQ/BOFUM

Airspace changes in the UK have been made to accommodate the addition of runway 28R/10L. This involves some flights filing flight plans that may not match an available SID, these are to ENDEQ and BOFUM. DCT BOFUM may be filed for RNAV flights to the Manchester Group and DCT ENDEQ filed for RNAV flights to other aerodromes. Once airborne departures shall follow radar vectors before proceeding on own navigation direct to ENDEQ or BOFUM respectively. Pilots should plan an additional 15 minutes of fuel to accommodate this.

Available Positions

Position IvAc Callsign RT Callsign ATS Frequency Hoppies Code
Dublin Control (South) EIDW_S_CTR Dublin Control 135.655 DW06
Dublin Control (North) EIDW_N_CTR Dublin Control 129.180 DW05
Approach Radar EIDW_APP Dublin Approach 121.100 DW04
Tower EIDW_TWR Dublin Tower 118.600 DW03
Ground EIDW_GND Dublin Ground 121.800 DW02
Clearance Delivery EIDW_DEL Dublin Delivery 122.985 DW01

  • Delivery Procedures
  • Ground Procedures
  • Tower Procedures
  • Approach Procedures
  • Low Vis Procedures
  • VFR Procedures


    Further information can be obtained from the IAA AIP for Dublin: http://iaip.iaa.ie/iaip/Published%20Files/AIP%20Files/AD/EI_AD_2_EIDW_EN.pdf