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Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ)

The ATZ is airspace of defined dimensions established around an aerodrome for the protection of aerodrome traffic. ATZ's are only established at all military airfields and civil licensed aerodromes (A small grass strip on somebody's farm does not have an ATZ).


Vertical - Surface to 2000 feet above aerodrome level

Horizontal - Circle of radius 2nm for runways less than 1850m or 2.5nm, for runways over 1850m centred on the notified midpoint of the longest runway.

Adjacent ATZ's

If two ATZ's are close and overlap, one aerodrome is known as the "Controlling Authority" and one as the "Adjacent". The "Controlling Authority" is responsible for the portion of airspace in the overlap.

Control Zone (CTR)

Controlled airspace extending upwards from the surface of the Earth to a specified upper limit.